Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas time

Okay, it's time to blog again. I managed to get our Christmas tree put up just before we went to Springfield last week for Tim's dad's open heart surgery. He is recovering, but still in the hospital. Also, Tim's mom was in the hospital for a few days with a severe sinus infection. She is still not feeling well. We would appreciate your prayers for both of them.

I decorated the tree this year in blue and white to please Tim (he loves blue lights and ornaments). The last two years I've done it in my favortie color (red) so it was time for a change.


Brooke said...

You know, you could do red AND blue... :o)

I bet the blue does look great in your house. Hopefully we'll get to stop by before Christmas is over! It seems like the days fill up pretty fast this time of year.

Glad to hear that Tim's mom and dad are getting better. I'll keep praying for them!

Andrea said...

And what a lovely tree it is.

MamaT said...

Thank you both.
Brooke: call us and we'll make a date. I brought your yellow and purple fabric home with me.