Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year

Don't know if there is anyone out there who still reads my blog, especially when I'm so sporadic about posting.  

We had a great Christmas with lots of company afterwards.  I finally got all the decorations put away a few days ago.  

Here are two quilts I made for my daughters and their husbands that I couldn't post before Christmas. They were surprised and happy with them.  They're just utility quilts but they needed them.  It's been really cold here!

My friend Cindy was here from Reno.  She brought this quilt to bind.  Isn't it beautiful?  Remember she was working on it while we were with them on their sailboat in The Bahamas last January.

My sister was also here over the holidays.  We sewed.  And sewed.  More on that next time.


dianne said...

of COURSE there are still people reading your blog!!!

the only kinda quilt that is better than a utility quilt is a quilt with feet - and the ones you created are BOTH!!! woo hoo!!!

Carrie P. said...

happy new year!
fabulous quilts

Paula Hensley Murphy said...

Yes I love your blog!