Monday, October 13, 2014

Embroidery Blocks

When my mom passed away in 2009 she was working on a set of 12 cross stitch embroidery blocks to make into a quilt for one of her great granddaughters.  She got three of them done before her passing.  I took them home with me and promised I would do something with them.

Here is what one looked like.

Since there were three great granddaughters I decided to make three quilts.  All three of these kids are my brother's granddaughters.  Five years later, I finally got them done and delivered to the kids.  My sister in law helped finish the bindings on the last two quilts.

This is Elliot with hers.  They were quilted by Ann Olson who did a beautiful job of repeating the Dresden pattern in the quilting.  Elliot and her sister Hadlee live in Missouri.

Here is Hadlee with hers.

Cassidy came all the way to MO from Indianapolis to get hers.

There's one more.  Cassidy has a brother, Liam.  Mom cross stitched a large "boat themed" quilt long ago for my grandson.  There was enough for me to cut off part of it and still have enough for my grandson.  So I made a quilt for Liam, too. 

I think Mom would have been pleased to see all the quilts made from her blocks.  I'm very happy to have them done and marked off my list of things to do.  I hope these 4 kids will cherish their great grandmothers work and keep her memory alive.


Paula Hensley Murphy said...

great use of the squares. Love them. what a great memory

sms said...
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