Monday, August 4, 2014

Laura Wasilowski Workshop

Two weekends ago I attended a Laura Wasilowski Workshop sponsored by my local quilt guild.  She was the most fun, entertaining speaker we've ever had at our guild (in my humble opinion!). She sang lots of cute songs she's made up about everything from fusing to her Polish name.

Here are a few pics from the workshop.  You can read her blog at (also found on my sidebar)

Here are my two projects (underwater scene, above and large leaf, below)
My BFF with her project and Laura:

My friend Emma with her project:
Emma's sister Joyce:

There were around 40 of us at the weekend retreat so a lot of projects were worked on.  So much fun!


dianne said...

you LOOK like you're having fun!

i gotta go on a retreat, even if it's just going into the Magick Shoppe and shutting the door for the day...

Carrie P. said...

I got to take a workshop with Laura years ago. She is a fun teacher.