Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pat Speth Retreat

I'm keeping my promise to come back here I am.

Last weekend I was able to attend the Pat Speth workshop on Ft. Gibson Lake here in Oklahoma.  Even though my BFF had to cancel out and didn't get to go with me I still had a good time (But of course it would have been MUCH more fun if she had been able to go---Leslie's daughter-in-law had her baby 4 weeks early and Leslie went out to California to help out.  Grandbabies trump quilt retreats and that's understandable.  The baby girl and mom are doing well).

Anyway....Pat Speth.  She has written several books and patterns and does everything with 5 inch squares.  Her books include "Nickle Quilts" and "More Nickle Quilts".

Here I am with Pat.  She's an excellent teacher.

This is most of the group.  There were about 40 of us.  We were at Tulakogee Camp which was an absolutely beautiful place.  We all had our sewing machines facing the lake.  The lighting was wonderful, food was great and the sleeping quarters were very nice.
We each had a long table big enough for our machine and a pressing station.
This is what I managed to get done.  This quilt is called "Paducah Nine Patch".  I have a lot more blocks to make before it's done.

I also made these as practice blocks after a couple of Pat's demos.  You'll see more of these at a later date as I am putting them in with some other blocks I've had done for a while.  I'm piecing it now and hope to have the top done this week.
Now for some of the things other people were working on:

Last, but not least....some of my friends from my stitch group.  Emma,


Judy and June.

Until next time...Hope you all sew something beautiful this week!


oknonnie said...

It looks like I missed a great retreat. As you say, grand babies do trump even quilt retreats! I can go to another retreat but I'll never get this time with this precious grandchild again. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the retreat! See you soon!

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