Friday, November 11, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving

This week I've cleaned out three cabinets, two piles of clutter, one freezer, the junk drawer, did some mending, cleaned the oven and survived two earthquakes.  (Well, the survival part wasn't THAT hard, although they did really shake our house and scare the @*#% out of me).

And I FINISHED the LAST block of my hand applique project.  That's 24!  Done!  I've started the bottom border and have it halfway finished, but the borders are going to take a long time.

My last appliqued quilt has been sitting around since the fair.  Today I put a hanging sleeve on the back of it and hung it using the "Hang It Dang It" method.
I was able to hang it all by myself and was quite impressed with it.  I saw it demonstrated at the Houston Quilt Show last year and ordered through my local quilt shop (Cotton Patch).

Here it is hanging on my bedroom wall.  It's level even though the picture may not convey that.

Amid all the things that I'm doing this week to get ready for having company for Thanksgiving, I looked out the window and noticed this:  (It seemed to have happened overnight)

And this: 

We've had a few frosts already, but the roses are still blooming.  Despite the terrible drought we've had this summer, the trees around Tulsa are beautiful.  The local weatherman says it's because of a few late rains that added sugar back into the trees.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad.
 So....with all the busy-ness that we'll all be having the next few weeks, take time to smell the roses...or to look at the trees.  There is beauty all around us!


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I love your applique block. Such a great fabric for the flower.

I've been curious about that quilt hanger, and have been on the fence about ordering one. I'm glad to hear you like it. Thanks for sharing!

ranette said...

Your block and quilt are just lovely Teresa! I'm so proud of you for getting the blocks appliqued so quickly, well it seems that way to me! HA!

Love the pretty, colorful trees.

Have a Blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

Your hanging quilt is gorgeous!!! And kudos on getting all the porjects done. The trees are beautiful, make me miss upstate NY.

Carrie P. said...

Wow! I heard about those earthquakes. It is a strange feeling for sure. The one we had this past summer was a surprise.
Your quilt looks great hanging. Well done.
congrats on finishing your flower blocks. can't wait to see them together.

dianne said...

around here the leaves have been gone from the trees for a couple of weeks ... and i've had to shovel snow three times ... not that i'm complaining - wait - maybe i AM complaining

anywho - i LOVE your last applique - waaaaaay cool!!!

Saska said...

Your applique is georgous. I still can't master that technique.

I've seen lots of roses still blooming. After the horrible summer we've had, it's like them say We're still here!

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