Monday, February 21, 2011

New stuff

Saturday, Leslie and I took a workshop.  We cut up our beautiful fabric into little pieces and put it back together into beautiful pictures.

I wasn't crazy about mine until I added the petals.  And then....OH MY GOSH!  I loved it!

Here I am pinning it after the Sulky Solvy is put on top of all the little pieces.  Then, I started "quilting" it--just scribbling all over.  I got it about 1/6 of the way scribbled.

Here's Leslie's.  Don't you just love the red bird!

This one was done by Linda.  She copied a painting that was done for her by our ladies in our sister quilt  guild in Costa Rica.  She just got back from a mission trip there.

I thought this one was stunning!

I finished another of my hand applique blocks last night.
(Sorry, this picture got out of order and I can't fix it)

This is one that's finished.  After the quilting is done and the Sulky is disolved, the picture is stretched onto a canvas and framed.
  Karen made this one at another workshop, but started another one just like it at this one.

I've been having some painting done in my house--bathroom/master bedroom, utility room and kitchen.
I love the way my little Amish quilt looks in the bathroom.


Amy said...

I love your little sunflower! The colors just pop!!!

Your bathroom is looking so pretty! Can't wait to see it finished!

SparkleDiva said...

Mama T~Love your projects....I am so impressed with what you did in your class and all of your quilting! Thank you for posting pictures. Inspiration....Must look at it that way as I do my first borders! C

~rhoward said...

This technique looks like a fun way to make quilts! How do you know "it's just right"?
Thanks for posting.

Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I love the things from the workshop. What was the name of the workshop?

Hugs - Marie

Brooke said...

How neat!

SANTI said...

Eres una gran artista.
Muchas felicidades.

Mama Koch said...

I haven't done this technique, but would like the flowers.

Tell me more?

ranette said...

Wonderful workshop you all had and I love what you did!

I really like the color that you've painted the bathroom and the little Amish quilt too!

Looks like you have been busy, busy!

Karen said...

What a great workshop - what was it called? Your quilt is wonderful!

Delana C said...

Love the technique used for the workshop! And I adore the blue walls in the bathroom;perfect color choice!