Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Been A While

If you wonder where I've been...I think I could sum it up to say I've been in an oven...baking.
It's been over 100 degrees here for I don't know how long.  It seems like everytime I look at the thermometer it reads 104.  So I've done NOTHING outside.  Yeah, I know you're probably thinking it's dry heat so it's not that bad.  Well, it has NOT been dry heat.  In fact, it's been so humid, that we went to Houston (on a business trip for Tim) and it felt better than Oklahoma!  We lived in Houston for 8 years so I KNOW about humidity.

Speaking of Houston...we stayed in the very wonderful ICON Hotel downtown.  We've stayed there before and really enjoyed it.  This time, after one night, we got upgraded to a penthouse suite!

It had a living room, dining room, bedroom, a huge bath and a guest 1/2 bath and a little kitchen.

I was really spoiled.  A car picked me up and took me shopping! 
Wasn't it nice of Tim to invite me to go along?  We're gettin ready to celebrate our 35th anniversary in a couple of days and will be spending it in a hospital while Tim's step dad has very serious surgery.  So the hotel suite will have to be our get-away for now.  Unfortunately, Tim had to work.  But at least we were together part of the time. (We like "together")

I got this top finished!  I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  It goes to the quilter tomorrow and will hopefully be done in time to be entered in the Tulsa State Fair.
They really helped me put this quilt together.

I made the little tags on my computer.
We here in Oklahoma are really hoping for a break in the weather soon.  Until then...I'll continue baking.


Brooke said...

That turned out so great! I really like the way you did the corners and the applique added a very nice touch!

We popped in to the Cotton Patch the other day and Sophie just kept walking around saying "where's Mama T?!"

Lista said...

I love the way the borders turned out! I thought I loved it without them, but it's even better now!

Amy said...

I agree with Calianna - I love the border as well! It's so pretty!

beth said...

This is so beautiful!! great job.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I absolutely love it! Hopefully the judges will, too. Good luck!

Wonky Girl said...

Your top is wonderful! Some day I want to try the applique vine around a quilt like yours. The tags are a great idea when there are so many rows of smaller blocks. Will have to borrow that idea too. :)