Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've been plenty busy taking care of my 2 grandboys while their mom is recovering from having the third.  I've been forturnate enough to get lots of tiny baby snuggles.  He's so adorable and has stolen the hearts of his entire family.
Speaking of family--about three weeks ago my dad's youngest brother visited me from St. Louis.  He was on his way to New Mexico to deliver a classic car to his cousin (my second cousin) who had visited him earlier and had bought the car while she was there.  She happened to mention that she had a quilt top that his mother(my grandmother) had made for her for a wedding present in 1965.  It had been stored in a cedar chest since then and she wanted to give it to my uncle.  Since he had visited me before, he knew that I was the person who should have it!  I was so excited when he told me and even more excited when I saw it. 

Grandma hand pieced this beautiful double wedding ring top in the early 60's.  She and Grandpa lived with us for a while during that time and many of the fabrics in the quilt top are ones that I recognize.  I had dresses made from some of them and I'm sure my brothers had shirts and pajamas from some of them.  The most recognizable are the red and black hearts in the first 2 pictures.  My mom made she and I matching dresses for the Potosi, Missouri Bi-Centenniel Celebration in 1963.  It was a big deal and the whole family dressed in costume for the 3 or 4 day celebration.  My dad grew out his hair and beard and rode in the parade on a mule.  He got his picture on the front page of the newspaper.

Here's my Uncle Ernest with the car and my grandboys.  He took us all for a ride in the car.  I think he looks like my dad who passed away 32 years ago today.  It was so good to have him here for a couple of days.  He helped me remember what Daddy looked and sounded like.  32 years is a long time.  I miss him. 


dianne said...

there is not a thing in this world that smells as wonderful as a brand new baby, is there?

the quilt is gorgeous - bits and pieces of your lives, in circles created with love

my dad has been gone for 38 years ... i miss him every day, too

Little Lady Patchwork said...

That quilt is truly a treasure! I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing,

Lista said...

I'm so excited that you want me to help quilt it! Can't wait to learn! I can quilt with a baby on my lap, right? :o)

amysmack said...

What a beautiful quilt and what a wonderful way to remember some very happy times in your life!

Carrie P. said...

catching up on your blog. Great family photos. And what a treasure to own that quilt.
the new grandbaby is so sweet.