Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carol Maples

Once again, these pictures are not loaded in the order in which I wanted them, but they are. Carol would not be happy with the look on her face in this one, but it's the last one with me, so I like it. She was smiling a lot on that day (it was her and Bud's 4oth wedding anniversary--May 23, 2009)
See , I told you she was smiling a lot on that day! Here she is with her FAVORITE grandson!

No wonder Tim told me how pretty his mom was. I think Andrea looks a lot like her in this picture. That's Kevin (Tim's brother) and Cheri, Tim and me and Carol. I think it could have been taken on the day before Tim and I were married. My hair was as short as Tim's and Kevin's was almost as long as Cheri's! What kids we were!

Carol could party! The cake started sliding off the plate, but Carol caught it. Then she decided to stick her other hand in it too!

Here's the last picuture of Kevin and Tim with their mom. She was showing off the quilt I made for her. We used it in the casket over her lap and she went to her grave with it.

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Brooke said...

Pictures are such a great treasure! I'm so glad you have these.