Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scenes from The Little Lighthouse Garden Party

Yesterday a group of us attended The Little Lighthouse Garden Party. It's one of their major annual fundraisers. We had a great time. Haven't heard yet how much money was raised for The Little Lighthouse, but I'm sure it was successful. The speaker this year was Marsha Mitchell who started the school 36 years ago for her daughter who is sight impaired. Her story is so much like our little Timothy's that I had a lump in my throat the whole time she was speaking. Marsha was told that Missey was totally blind when she was born. Yet, like Timothy her sight improved and now she is even driving. Missey sang after Marsha spoke and she sounded like an angel. Thank you Williams Company for reserving a table for us. Pictured are: Leslie, me, Andrea, Annette, Julia and Win. The live auction part of the party was so exciting. This Goldendoodle puppy was one of the auction items. Andrea fell in love with it and wanted it so badly. Now you know I spoil my kids and want to give them everything they want, but the puppy sold for $1,100 so needless to say, Andrea did not go home with the dog.

Instead, I adopted this teddy bear to come live with the rest of my collection. The adoption fee coveres 2 days of care for one child at The Little Lighthouse. (Julia and Leslie went home with one, too)
Annette went home with the quilt I donated to the silent auction. It's always hard to let my quilts go home with strangers, so I was happy that Annette had the winning bid. Win also went home with an item from the silent auction.

Did I mention that it was also Leslie's birthday? Happy birthday, dear friend.

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Brooke said...

Love the hats!

Happy 'late' b-day, Leslie!