Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random fall pictures

Here is my family of pirates. Arrrrrrrrrr...... Calista outfits the entire family for Haloween. Timothy was happy...he really was. I guess I caught him offguard with this picture. Maybe it was because Gabe was about to stab him! ha ha
My friend Brooke made these sock doggies. Aren't they adorable? Sophie thinks so!

Last week we had autumn. This is one of my little trees in full red (my favorite color). Today we're entering winter. The wind is blowing like a hurricane and there are no leaves left on the trees.


Andrea said...

Patrick and I both thought your last paragraph was funny. That's a cute pic of Brooke and Sophie!

Grace said...

I found you through Calista's blog. Blog love to you Theresa!

MamaT said...

Thanks for the comments, girls.
Grace, when are you coming back to Pilates?