Thursday, October 2, 2008

In January of 2007 I went to Hawaii with 5 freinds. Being that we were all quilters we could not stay out of a particular fabric store on the island of Kaui. We decided to challenge each other to make quilts out of fabric we bought there. We each bought a yard of our own choice and divided it into six 14"x18" pieces. We gave each other a piece of our fabric. The rule was that we had to use all six pieces but could add any other Hawaiian fabric to it. Five of us had our quilts done in time to display them at our Green Country Quilters Guild show in June (
Here, I'm pictured with Leslie at the show. Her quilt is the one with the flip flops. She also entered it in this year's Tulsa State Fair. If you happen to go, look for it. My quilt is the larger one with the circles. The others belong to my friends June, Coleen and Emma.

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