Saturday, September 27, 2008

State Fair

I didn't win a ribbon, but Catherine did! She got a red ribbon (second place) in her age group. Unfortunately, they did not have a "quilt cateory". She had to enter it under "sewing, other than clothing". A stuffed dragon beat her! She is extremely excited. I'll show a picture of her quilt after I download my pictures from my camera. Leslie did not win either. I was disappointed for her. She deserved a ribbon in my opinion. Oh well! It's really neat that our work gets viewed by tens of thousands of people.


June said...

I have been visiting your blog tonight. Good for you. It's fun. Sorry you didn't get a ribbon, but CONGRATS to Catherine. See you when I visit your newly designed quilt studio. junebug

amysmack said...

Mama T---It looks beautiful! I love the braiding!!!